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I Agree The Terms & Conditions Of Global Marketings, Once Paid The Amount Will Not Be Refund At Any Cost Due To The Life Time Membership Business income Opportunity And If Eligible Then Get A Gift Product And Also Share The Commission To The Eligible Sponsors .

Product courier/delivery services is fully free if the 10th pair completed. A member wants the product immediate in urgent mode then pay Rs.50 Extra for courier service only the company authorised account not your sponsors. sponsors/uplines dont collect the courier amount at any situation, educate your downlines 10thpair completed it is fully free delivery.

A perosn obey the company Rules and regulations, if anybody against the company Terms, misbehaviours of handling cash,wrong commitment, business apart activities,relationships other different comapny plan promotions then in that person total all ids blocked permanently blocked.

Wallet balance reach Rs.2000 then Pan card Submission mandatory. Active Mobile number, Account Number and Pan number must for further payouts.

Team sponsors/Uplines collect the amount Rs.100/- per Id and login in that id with in 3hours on same day. Any Extra amount collection strictly probhibited. Instant id creation and send the login sms only go the business in fastway and lifetime healthyway, so the collection amount dont keep in your hand more than 3 hours. if anybody complaint id not received, company know it is true then take immediate action.

Company Have All The Rights To Update, Modify, Add Or Change The Plan,product,Rewards,payment And Rules And Regulations At Any Point Of Time Without Prior Notice. Any changes displayed in notice board first, after all state top leaders take the decission and website changed.

Sponsors dont open the downlines id without in his permission, if anybody open and change the content of downlines id strictly prohibited.

A member must be reset your passwords and change the new favourite password. monitor your id regularly if any wrong then contact admin Team.

Rewards and Products all are sent by courier in free courier service.

Followup,travelexpenses,phonebills,local meetings,meeting hall expesnes,snacks and food expenses everything by the sponsors only.

1000 pair completed achievers 10persons in your team then Rewards distribution meetings in your city expenses all are companyside .